We are the experts in arranging travel for passengers with medical conditions and disabilities. Not sure on something or have a question; then just ask us, we aim to ensure you are 100% happy with every detail of your holiday from the time of booking until you return home.

Travelling with a medical condition or disability

Always consider if the climate/terrain you are going to is suitable for your level of fitness.

Consider purchasing some medical alert jewellery – there are many types available.

If you are going to a non English speaking country why not consider having a letter translated which explains your medical condition.

If you would like to be in a resort close to a medical centre then please let us know.

I need help getting to and onto the aircraft – can this be arranged?

Airport assistance can be pre booked and arranged free of charge through ourselves. We can arrange for someone to help you from your taxi at the airport, at the check in desk to assist you with checking in your bags, and to escort you to the aircraft and help you to board the aircraft. We can arrange hoists and lifts on and off the aircraft for passengers who are immobile.

What do I do with my medication?

You should have your medication with you at all times, we recommend taking your medication onto the aircraft with you, so if your suitcase does go missing you have all your medication to hand, however if you are taking a liquid medication you must take a copy of the prescription and preferably a doctors note with you. As there are currently restrictions on taking liquids through security, they may test any liquid medication you are taking onto the aircraft so remember to check in early!

Can I take my wheelchair overseas?

We can arrange with airlines free transportation of a manual foldable wheelchair. You can sit in your chair up to boarding the gate and then it will be stored in the aircrafts hold, alternatively you can check your wheelchair in with your bags and use an airport wheelchair to the aircraft. For the transit of electric wheelchairs and scooters we recommend you contact us on 0034 669846768 as each airline has different policies.

I need an accommodation that offers disability equipment in my accommodation – can you arrange this?

We do deal with properties that offer disability equipment hire, we would suggest you call us on0034 669846768 and discuss your requirements with one of our experienced travel consultants, once we know your needs we will be able to recommend a property.

I need a room adapted to my needs, is this possible?

We can arrange wheelchair adapted rooms and properties with wheelchair access in properties all over UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We would suggest calling us on 0034 669846768 and talk to us about your condition and advise us what your preferred adaptions would be, and we will then be able to recommend the perfect property for you.

I need oxygen on the aircraft and while in resort – is this available?

Oxygen both on aircrafts and in resort can be arranged through us. In resort we can arrange for oxygen to be waiting as you disembark the aircraft or we can arrange delivery to your accommodation. Every body’s needs are different so we would recommend that you call us on 0034 669846768and we can arrange an oxygen quotation for you.

What happens if I am ill while on holiday?

To get good healthcare while overseas insurance is a must as healthcare costs can easily spiral. You must declare any medical conditions to your insurance company and they will quote probably two prices. One to cover all medical conditions and another price to exclude all medical conditions. The choice is yours, but please remember that healthcare costs outside of the UK can be very high. Each insurance policy has different terms and conditions so please check these carefully.

What happens if I am running out of my medication while overseas?

Always take too much medication with you this way it ensures you will have no problems while overseas. We do suggest taking a current prescription for your medication.

Don’t forget the best adapted rooms are always the most popular. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Our advice and frequently asked questions intend to be an aid to travel planning and is not in any way a concrete guide. We cannot take any responsibility for individual’s health or travel experiences whilst holidaying.